Magic and Meltdowns - Amelia Knight
Magic and Meltdowns - Amelia Knight (Back Cover)
Magic and Meltdowns - Amelia Knight
Magic and Meltdowns - Amelia Knight
What to do when I am Gone

Magic and Meltdowns - Autism doesn't come with a manual

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If you have a child with Autism in your life, be it your own child, a relative, a friend's child, or a student, then Magic and Meltdowns is just the book waiting for you to pick it up.

It is the journey of the young aunt of an Autistic child Emma, who is also a part caretaker and Godmother to her. There are not merely words to read in this book, but emotions to feel, experiences to teach you, and a whole lot of research that will answer many of your questions about Autism.

Magic and Meltdowns is like a look through a kaleidoscope. Each turn reveals a new story, a unique experience. At some turns, there is somber advice and at some witticism and humor which are so necessary to get through the most trying situations. This book gives you tips on how to handle the everyday routines of autistic children, including feeding, schooling, socializing, and dealing with fear, mood swings, and meltdowns.

Magic and Meltdowns is written because Autism does not come with a manual and Amelia wanted to bring out a book to refer which uses true stories and experiences as learning aids, and emotions as fuel, for a lifetime of giving care to autistic children and nurturing them to grow into productive, fulfilled adults.

The book is available as an eBook as as a physical book. The eBook is available for sale on this website and on Amazon platform and the physical book is available only on Amazon (The link for the physical book is down below )

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The Paperback version of the book is available on Amazon platform

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About the Author

Amelia Knight loves children. Her niece, Emma, who has Autism and ADHD is the apple of her eye. She is embarking on a program to learn about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and wants to help kids with Autism and Special Needs thrive

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