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A Letter of Intent helps with the transition of your special needs child when you are not around.

✔️  A Letter of Intent is an extremely important planning tool for Parents of Children with Autism & Special Needs (including adults) so that so that your near and dear ones are NOT left scrambling for details if you suddenly pass away or incapacitated.

✔️ The Letter of Intent documents your child’s needs like medical info, dietary requirements etc so that your child can continue to have the same lifestyle even in your absence.

✔️ Information like Personality traits and preferences of your child, personal care information can be put in so that your loved ones and your child can manage a difficult transition when you are no longer the primary caregiver.

✔️ Details of financial information can be inputted so that your child’s future caregivers have a clear direction to fulfill their financial and fiduciary responsibilities.

✔️ A Letter of Intent also has professional support information so that the family members can sort out vital information at the time of need