About us

Michael Francis – The man who started it all. Michael’s niece has mild autism and this whole journey has started because of this. He is extremely passionate about helping Parents who have Special Needs Children and wants to ensure that he is able to get as many resources as possible to make their life easier


Satish Govindan - Satish Govindan is the CEO of Different Not Less and is responsible for day to day operations of the company.

Satish's nephew has severe autism and he has seen his sister struggling even with simple tasks like making him wear clothes or get him to have food or taking him to school. In Satish's words "My sister's has literally put her life on a pause mode. My nephew has meltdowns when gets on an aircraft or hears loud noise or feels cold in the night. Literally anything can trigger a meltdown. My sister has a tough time. The only solace is the excellent support system that she has. So I know what parents with Special Needs Children go through and how difficult it can be for some of them"


Sanjana Subbiah - She helps us with the social media content of our website. She is the creative side of our business and is responsible for our blogs, and social media posts. She stays in Melbourne and is doing her masters in Creative Writing