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Ever wondered what will happen to your Special Needs Child when you are gone?

Has the thought of your Child’s future kept you awake at night?

Have you been fraught with worry thinking about your Child’s employment and medical evaluations after you have passed away?

Then this is the book you should be reading right away.

This book answers all the questions regarding your child's care, development assessment, funding, treatments, employment, governmental benefits, estate planning, Life Insurance, Letter of Intent, Last Will and Testament, and more in a clear and concise manner.

This book covers:

What issues might arise after the death of a parent.
How to secure the continued growth and development of your child long after you are gone
How to draw up your last Will and testament.
How to do your Estate planning.
How to draft a Letter of intent/written care plan.
How to open a Special needs trust.
How to set up Life Insurance.
How do you document emergency contacts, medical data/history, accounts, and passwords?
What kind of Legal protection do you need to have in place?
How to Review your child's guardianship?
How to broach the topic of mortality with your special needs child
And much more

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Click here to buy 👉👉 What will happen to my Special Needs Child when I am gone?