Activities to bond with your special needs child

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If you have a special needs child at home and want to bond with her, you are definitely not alone. Lots of parents are trying to figure out how to raise their special needs child and also ways to bond with them.

As a parent of a special needs child, I am sure you often worry whether you are doing the right thing. You fret over your child being happy and healthy. You worry that she's lonely and missing out on a social life. You fret over your child's future and the uncertainty of what the future might hold for her. You worry over her being bullied or teased. Worry is a strong emotion that all parents of children with special needs experience from time to time. But you need to realize that worrying never solves anything. And also remember that your child is a strong, brave, and resilient person, and you need to be proud of that.
Of course, having a child with special needs comes with its fair share of challenges. Getting quality time to bond with your child may not come easy, but activities with them can help.
Activities are also a great way to build our children’s self-esteem and social skills. Some activities could be:
Painting: Kids with special needs can be very creative with paint. Let them paint whatever they want, and you can share the art with the community.
Storytelling: Create a story together and make a book with either drawings or cutouts. You can then share it with your family and friends for a great storytime experience!
Or read a story: Reading to your child is a great way to bond. You can read them a story, or you can both read the story together. Reading a story will help both of you stay focused on a task, and it helps you develop a routine with them. Reading a story helps increase their vocabulary. It also helps them develop their knowledge of the written word.
Day at the zoo or the petting zoo : Of course, going to the zoo can be a long day with lots of walking, but it can be fun too. A visit to the petting zoo helps your child get comfortable around animals. It also helps them develop social skills.
Take a walk outside: Exercise can be a great stress reliever for both children and adults.
Cook a meal together: This can be a fun activity. When you cook with your child, she also gets to develop problem-solving skills. And to top it, she would have fun trying out new recipes.
Make a craft together: Arrange a craft time before bed which you and your child will complete.
Playing board games with the entire family can be fun and a great way for them to bond with their siblings too.
Or if they love to play with sand, try going to a sandbox and play with them. If they love to listen to music, go to the park and listen to music together. If they love to play with water, go to a pool and play with them there. Try going out and doing something that they enjoy.
Make a list of the things that your child likes to do and find ways to do those things together. You can take turns picking activities or deciding as a family what you would like to do.

All children want to feel connected and involved and appreciated. They need to feel that they matter and the adults around them care for them. The more of those feelings they get from you, the more of those feelings they'll give.
Our children need special care and attention, and it’s our responsibility as parents to ensure we give them time and attention they need.
Let me know if you can think of other activities which has helped you and your child to bond.

The Games and activities in our book "105 Activities for Your Child With Autism and Special Needs" can help in bonding with your child with benefits known to last for a very long time and also most importantly designed to be FUN and Stress-FREE

These 105 activities will help your child:

  • Help parents and child bond
  • Strengthen and Develop their Gross Motor Skills
  • Encourage Social Engagement and Interactions
  • Stimulate Sensory Development
  • Help with their Mental Dexterity, Focus, and Sharpness

The activities are presented in easy-to-grasp bits to enable you to engage easily with your Special Needs child and get the tasks completed in no time, and most importantly have fun in the process without the stress.

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